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March/April 2014

  • Culture Change

    Culture Change

    Build a winning sales culture by recruiting the right people, setting clear expectations, and providing the training and tools needed to get the job done.

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  • Local Leader

    Local Leader

    With local marketing activities such as its ties to the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise, this dealer has discovered that a strong local stance is integral to its success and how it defines itself.

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  • Don’t Slip Up

    Don't Slip Up

    Small and medium-size businesses are a perfect fit for the independent reseller. Mop up by showing them there’s a better way to buy JanSan products.

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  • Get All the Perks

    Get All the Perks

    With United Stationers’ Perks Program now offering a superior coffee service, the door is wide open for resellers to conquer the entire breakroom category.

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  • Crank Up the Volume

    Crank Up the Volume

    United Stationers’ new and improved Email Plus program makes relevant and timely digital marketing easier than ever before with top-level functionality.

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  • One Hundred Percent Premium Quality

    100% Premium Quality

    High quality and increased margins—Private label brands have achieved comparable quality to national brands without the high marketing costs.

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  • Easy Being Green

    Easy Being Green

    United Stationers’ GreenCycle program helps dealers save the environment, generate revenue, and build customer relationships.

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Accelerating changes in the marketplace mean independent dealers must take their high-touch service model married with the wholesaler’s logistics and expertise and transfer that differentiation into the digital world. United Stationers can help make that transition through the “7 Moves to Win.”